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Just export your script as a PDF and securely upload it.


Story-Scanner will analyze your script and extract your story information.


Flesh out your next revision using our interactive figures.


Click on the icons below to explore how Story-Scanner can help you through the redrafting process.

General Stats

Get key statistics on your script such as number of scenes, number of characters and number of locations. By intelligently removing excess characters and reusing your locations you can make your script more producible! Story-scanner's scene overview and locations analysis can help you with this.

Sharpen your revisions by using the Signficant Scenes tool. This tool is still in beta but gets more accurate the further along your script is.

Scene Overview

Use this page to quickly guage how your script might translate into production. Make sure everything in your story is intentional to help you sell your script faster!

Do you need more dialogue or more action in your script? Do any characters disappear for long periods? Do you have too many locations?

Story-Scanner can help answer these questions and more!

Character Analysis

Get an objective view of how you present your characters. Reflect on how each character appears and how much they speak relative to one another. Use the character interaction plot to see which characters are connected.

Get immediate insights using individualized tabs for your top characters! Quickly see how you describe them in their first appearance, how their dialogue is spread out, how their emotions are perceived and more.

Location Insights

Optimize your locations and character appearances to make your script more producible and more profitable!

Can you justify all the locations that you use? How many times does your story use each location? What characters appear in what locations?

Story-Scanner can help you identify locations you may need to re-evaluate.


As you go through your script scene by scene, you can see what characters appear, when they'll appear next and how their interactions with one another progress! Make sure your scenes are well balanced by referencing the dialogue vs action figure.


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At Scriptonomics we believe that data-driven decision-making should be ACCESSIBLE to all screenwriters and filmmakers — not just large production studios.
We aim to REINVENT the redrafting process by providing objective, immediate, and actionable insights at an affordable price.
Our end goal is to EMPOWER our users. We created Story-Scanner to help users write more producible scripts, and we are constantly working to develop and improve our products.

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