The God of Thunder

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The God of Thunder

An arrogant god cast to the world of the mortals. Only the lives of his loved ones will guide him to salvation.

The resurrection of classic superhero movies continues in 2011 when Marvel Studios and Paramount Pictures released Thor. Directed by Kenneth Branagh, this film tells the tale of Loki and Thor, two brothers who thirst for their father’s position as King of Asgard. Starring Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston and Anthony Hopkins, Thor’s cast is a powerful one! The story begins in a beautiful intergalactic stronghold known as, Asgard. It is home to some of the strongest warriors throughout the galaxy; however, Asgard’s philosophy intends to keep the peace throughout all realms of the galaxy, only wielding their powers for the good of all living things.

Anthony Hopkins stars as King Odin, the leader of Asgard who is struggling to teach his sons Loki and Thor these moral lessons. After a sudden break-in into the archives of Asgard, Thor decides to travel to the world of the Frost Giants and make them pay for their thievery. After minutes of battle, King Odin immediately stops this skirmish and returns the young fighters home in a fit of rage. Through his hankering for bloodshed, Thor has engaged the peaceful world of Asgard in an unprecedented war. In sheer disappointment, King Odin strips Thor of his powers and banishes him to the mortal realm (Earth).

This 1hr and 55min movie is 189 scenes long and was filmed in 62 different locations including, New Mexico, San Diego, Los Angeles and New York. Thor included 74 characters in their cast and 10 of them are deemed as most significant. Most of the scenes in the film were shot outside, roughly 59.3% of the film included external shots and 40.7% of the rest of the film was filmed inside. Although this film is considered an action movie, the dialogue is deemed more important because of its rather intricate plot. 58.8% of the film is considered dialogue and 41.2% of the remaining is considered action.

#Scriptonomics divides the film into segments worth viewing called its significant scenes. Scenes 77-86 mark the film’s most significant bunch of scenes and this is true! Scenes 77-86 reveal Thor attempting to regain the power that was stripped away from him. As he barrels into a government-sanctioned stronghold, Thor plows through multiple guards to reach his sacred hammer. However, as Thor reaches down to grab his hammer, he is unable to lift it from the rubble. This marks the lowest point in Thor’s life because he has lost everything due to his relentless acts of violence. Scenes 129-133 are labeled as the third most significant bunch of scenes. These scenes encapsulate Thor’s hometown friends who refuse to sit idle while Thor’s brother Loki slowly starts to take over the throne of Asgard. At this moment Thor’s friends decide to visit him in the mortal realm and inform him of what has been happening.

Although this film is a building block for one of Marvel Studios bigger ideas, Thor managed to rake in quite the income. Given a comfortable budget of $150,000,000, Thor grossed $65,723,338 on its opening weekend in the U.S. on May 8th 2011. Its gross profits throughout the U.S accumulated to $181,030,624 and its cumulative worldwide profits reached $449,326,618. Thor’s return on their investment was healthy and due to a master class of talent and beautifully executed CGI skills, the movie was a hit.

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